This Week in Spam: Spamception!

Since last week, I have received four comments, all of them spam. The hope of finding another real comment fades. If any of you would be so kind as to throw one my way, I would be quite grateful.

The funniest thing about this week’s surge of spam, in my opinion, was that half of the spam comments were posted on last week’s entry of This Week in Spam. Does the word “spam” attract more spam? Are there sinister forces at work here?

Eh, probably not. It’s still funny, though.

One thing that I really can’t figure out, though, is why the people who make these spambots seem unable to disguise them as actual comments. The ones who are given away by their blatant link-drops and alien grammar are strange enough, but then I happen upon ones like last week’s tropical smoothie, or one from this week that talked about weight loss, and I just think… why? Does anyone actually click on these things?

And now that I’ve posed that question, I must again remind myself that I live in a world where Donald Trump was elected President over one of the most qualified candidates in United States history. I may just be going broke overestimating the intelligence of the American public.

You would think, though, that it wouldn’t be too hard to disguise a spam comment as a legit one. General praise is far easier to give in a non-spammy way than these comments would lead me to believe. The obvious compliment would be “well-written,” or a simple “I liked your article.” Perhaps the spammers feel that this too would be obvious, which it definitely would if they keep dropping their link right in the body of the comment text. Some try to integrate it with a comment about how “this is a great site” or “check out my blog,” but the first is still blatantly obvious in its clickbaiting, and the second becomes obvious when it links to something that obviously isn’t a blog URL.

Perhaps I should keep these insights to myself, so that the spammers never figure out how to actually slip past people’s radar. That would certainly save a few people from falling victim to their annoying tactics.

Ultimately, I think this nitpicking of mine stems from my horrible tendency to attempt to correct any perceived inaccuracy. It’s a character flaw of mine. If any of you have some idea how I can curb it, I would very much like to hear your suggestions. As long as it’s not something woo like crystal therapy or hypnosis, that is.

1 thought on “This Week in Spam: Spamception!”

  1. Well being the awesome person I am, I guess I can spare you a real comment. 😉

    Also I can admit that I think I am still in denial about Trump actually winning the election. His various outbursts and overal sense of having no clue what he’s doing really isn’t helping in that regard..

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