This Week in Spam: Right Under the Wire

I am pleased to report that the past week has been relatively spam-free! In fact, the only spam comment I received was posted this very afternoon.

This one also came with a hilariously broken link to “” I’m pretty sure the U.K. doesn’t have Fox News. Fox News is one of those things the U.K. uses to point and laugh at silly Americans, along with our portion sizes and weird accents. It’s a distinctly ‘Murrican thing.

The other funny thing is that the comment was another Spamception, posted again on my first This Week in Spam post. I’m not sure what it is about that post, but apparently it’s a magnet for further spam.

Content-wise, this one was another one of those “generic compliment” spam comments: complimenting the writing, saying something about how Spambot McSpammyson would forward the post to his roommate, etc. It also addressed me as “you guys,” or rather, “yyou guyss.” This particular spambot, you see, has a consonant reduplication fetish.

Perhaps this coming week will see an actual spam-drought… it would be very nice to get a week off.

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