After last week’s near-drought, of course this week would be absolutely chock full of spam.

Since last Wednesday, I have received no fewer thanĀ twelve spam comments, which is rather surprising considering that I doubt many people read this blog yet. Then again, my dad still hasn’t helped me install the Analytics plugin, so I can’t actually tell how many people are reading. I should probably stop before I start getting ridiculously self-conscious.

A bunch of these spam comments came from “education tips” or variants thereof, which is kind of interesting. I guess this means that the spambots consider my blog to be educational. I don’t know whether that should be a facepalm-inducer or an unexpected milestone.

Perhaps this occurred because all of these comments were on my post about em-dashes. In fact, every single spam comment with even marginally passable grammar was on that particular post.

Besides that, I got more of the cspan spammers, and a few financial advice things. Most of them were generic compliments with varying degrees of grammatical incompetence. A couple of them were actually grammatically correct, which was pretty nice. Unfortunately, it’s still spam, so there was no choir of angels or anything like that.

Two of the spam comments were in German. I don’t speak German. They came from the same spambot, but were promoting different websites. I wonder if it’s a spambot-for-hire or something.

I really hope that no such thing exists.

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